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Sunset Trail Hike – Angel Island State Park

Sunset Trail hike Angel Island State Park

Sunset Trail Hike – Angel Island State Park

Sunset Hiking Trail – Angel Island State Park

Location: Tiburon, CA
Difficulty: Easy
Features: Hiking trails,bird watching, no dogs, wildlife observation

Prior the trail, Angel Island is first accessed via ferry. The ferry docks at Ayala Cove, where all trail adventures begin. Sunset Hiking Trail is among the trails – apart from North Ridge and Ida Trail – that takes hikers to the summit of Mount Livermore, the highest point on the island at 788 feet. The trail starts from Ayala Cove, near the ferry dock, to the Mount Livermore summit. The Sunset Hiking Trail starts from the cove to the peak at around 3 miles and 800 feet of elevation gain. The trail intersects with the North Ridge Trail en route to the top.

About Angel Island. Angel Island nest in San Francisco Bay and offers an expansive view of the San Francisco skyline. It also provides stellar view of the Marin County Headlands and Mount Tamalpais, a majestic peak in Marin County and is often considered a symbol of Marin County. Angel Island, meanwhile, is included in the Angel Island State Park and is administered by the California State Park. It is a California Historical Landmark and is frequently visited by hikers for its many interesting trails such as the Mount Livermore Summit Trail, Ida Trail, Fire Road Hike, and Sunset Hiking Trail.

Visiting Angel Island. Angel Island can be accessed via ferry – from Tiburon, providing daily service but reduced during off seasons, and from San Francisco, servicing all year round except holidays. The San Francisco Blue and Gold Fleet ferry ride to Angel Island is found in Pier 41.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) You need to take a ferry to get to Angel Island.

The North Ridge Trail Hike takes hikers to the summit of Mount Tamalpais but it is within Angel Island which is accessible via ferry. The trailhead of the North Ridge Hike is found just beyond the ferry dock at Ayala Cove.

2) Enjoy a picnic at the summit of Mount Livermore.

There are picnic tables on top. Moreover, hikers may opt to purchase a to-go picnic prepared by the Angel Island Cafe staff.

3) Everything is worth a shot.

Bring a camera.

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