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Capitola Jetty

Capitola Jetty

Capitola Jetty

Location: Santa Cruz County, CA

Features: Capitola Jetty is located in the city, and it is easy to locate. If parking is limited, follow the parking signs on the hill to an out-of-the-way public parking lot. You can also pay $10 to park by the theater. If are fortunate enough to find a good parking meter, make sure you have a lot of change. There are two-hour meters located close to the beach.

Beach: When the waves are small and there is a low tide, you can hit rocks. There is a lot of kelp here. Most of the year, this place is pretty flat. There are maybe two weeks of the year where there are some perfect 15 ft. waves, but it’s so rare that it’s really not worth coming here if you expect to see that every time. You should also be careful of the creek water after a hard rain. This is a local family spot, and it’s fun for longboarding. It can be a fun place to surf when the waves are medium-size out there, but when they’re really small, it’s not that fun at all.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Schedule your visit

If you’re planning to go surfing here, there’s only a small window of less than a month where you can catch pretty awesome waves. Make sure you know when to go, we suggest the month of June. But if you’re a beginner surfer you can start on this spot.

2) Stay Dry

Bring an outdoor fast-drying towel to keep you dry.

3) Watch out for rocks!

There are rocky parts in the beach, better stay safe and away to avoid getting accidents.

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