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Caspar State Beach

Caspar State Beach

Caspar State Beach

Location: Caspar, Mendocino County, CA
Users: Dog Friendly (on leash), kayaking, families
Features: Nearby rentals, surrounding hiking trails, white sand beach, lagoon, nearby camping and RV site

Caspar Beach is located about 4 miles north of the town of Mendocino. This beautiful beach can be quite busy during the afternoon, as it is a favorite of locals and tourists alike.

Across the road, you will find Caspar RV Park & Campground, which offers you a great place to camp or hike. They also offer many rentals including kayaks and surfboards.

This popular beach is surrounded by beautiful bluffs, lined with several hiking trails. The beach, RV park, and hiking trails are all dog friendly, as long as your dog is on a leash.

Continue driving north and you will end up in the town of Caspar.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Go sunbathing

Lay down on top of a microfiber towel on the white sand! Get the tan you want under the sun, it’s free.

2) Bring your own surfboard

This place is suitable for all surfers. So, bring your surfboard and have some fun catching those waves.

3) Go swimming

Caspar Beach is safe for swimming, don’t miss out on all the beach fun.

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