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Coastal Trail (Last Chance Section)

Coastal Trail (Last Chance Section)

Coastal Trail (Last Chance Section)

Coastal Trail (Last Chance Section)

Location: Del Norte Redwoods State Park, Del Norte County, CA
Miles: 15 miles (one way)
Difficulty: moderate
Duration: full day

Users: bikes permitted for the first 6 miles. Horses and dogs not permitted. No wheelchair access.

Features: Del Norte Coast views, moist spruce and fir forests, meadows, historic DeMartin home (after the first crossing of US 101), elevation gain

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Last Chance California Coastal Trail is a 2.3 kilometer moderate back trail where you can appreciate wildflowers while trekking. The “Last Chance” section of the Coastal Trail starts at the Crescent Beach Overlook at the south end of Endert’s Beach Road. This Trail is only open every summer and closed every winter because of the possibility of landslides coming from the north of Nickel Creek.

It’s a short but rewarding hike, the trail might be a little overgrown towards the end but that’s what makes it fun for nature lovers!

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Admire the Flora

Take a moment to appreciate the nature surrounding you. Huge redwoods, hemlock, and Douglas fir will surround you.

2) Snack on huckleberry!

If you go for a hike between mid-August to mid-September, it’s the season for huckleberries. You can munch on them along the way!

3) Wear comfortable hiking clothes

You will come across steep and slippery paths in this trail. So, make sure you’re dressed properly for this hike.

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