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Stony Creek Trail

Stony Creek Trail

Stony Creek Trail

Stony Creek Trail

Location: Smith River National Recreation Area, Del Norte County, CA
Miles: 1 mile
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 0 – 1 hours
Users: Dogs permitted. Horses and bikes not permitted. No wheelchair access
Features: Kid-friendly, Stony Creek, North Fork Smith River, woods, wildflowers in the Spring

The Stony Creek Trail has a gravel path formed smoothly with a hint of bumps, it presents a number of options for a secluded hike and showcases the small bodies of water, such as streams and wetlands. In contrast to trails nearby the area, it is not that steep but precaution is still advised as it has pockets of east coast rocks

For about 2 kilometers after the starting point of the trail, you will meet a tree-covered ravine at the base of Burnaby Mountain. Along the way, people can catch sight of scenic views of Forest and Park lands which makes the struggles on the steep road worth it. Those that stay at Stony Creek usually go for this trailhead, but also a different route to Jennie Lake and to the Jennie Lakes Wilderness is offered.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Explore other trails

The hike on this trail is probably isn’t enough for the adventurous! Surely exploring more routes wouldn’t hurt so much plus you might come across an unexpected favorite spot or trail.

2) Be cautious

Sometimes hiking can be dangerous, watch out for the steep edges. Always good to bring a first aid kit in case you or someone else encounters an accident.

3) Take your time

Don’t rush! Enjoy the view as much as you can. This trail is not that long so maybe taking your time wouldn’t be so bad.

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