Denali National Park and Preserve


  1. Theo Olivera says

    Good hike, long hikes in the park, very scenic and beautiful views all around. Some of the hikes are gnarly (difficult and exhausting) however there are PLENTY where the incline isn;t bad, depending on where you go. Many of the trails are very long and gradual. Very well marked. No major fear of bears, my wife and I are always alert as we have seen them out here, and always at the very least carry bear mace. You can usually shuttle to the more popular trailheads from the visitor center. Denali NP is a must if you’re never been!

  2. Ronny Evans says

    My dad and I had planned to go this fall, but the nonsense of 2020 got in the way. We pushed our trip to summer 2021. Hopefully it all works out this time! We’ve been wanting to visit for years.

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