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Discovery Marsh Trail

Discovery Marsh Trail

Location: National Wildlife Refuge, Tule Lake, CA
Length: 0.9 mile (1.5 mile loop)
Difficulty: Easy
Features: hiking, bird watching, dogs allowed, parking provided, wildlife, marsh, wetland, interpretative trial, canoe trail, wheelchair accessible

About the Discovery Marsh Trail

The trail is located across the Wildlife Refuge Visitor’s Center and goes through Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge. You will pass by different wetlands including seasonal, shallow and permanent marsh. So there’s lots of opportunity for bird and mammal spotting especially during the winter season. Terrain is simple, easy and self-guided starting from the parking lot of the visitor’s center and goes around the marsh. Then you can continue to Tule Lake and then looping back to the drier portion of the marsh.

Trails In The Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge

There are 3 Refuge Photo Blind Trail, Wildlife Overlook Trail, and Sheepy Ridge Trail. Most of them are easy trails offering a lot of nature and the wetland wildlife. Both Sheepy Ridge Trail and the Discovery Marsh Trail, which take the top spots for best trail in the refuge, can be accessed form the Visitor’s Center. This wildlife refuge has been named one of the best in the country for bird watching. 

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Read about the wildlife refuge

Since this is an interpretive trail, you will see signs and kiosks along the way with good reads about the habitat and wildlife living there. It will definitely enhance your hiking experience.

2) Try the canoe

It’s fun and for free! If you are planning to visit the trail and marsh from July to September, you can take the canoe trail to see the habitat from a different vantage point.

3) Hydrate during the summer

It’s an open area with no shade along the trail. Best to bring water when you go during the summer season.

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