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Petroglyph Point Trail

Petroglyph Point Trail

Petroglyph Point Trail – Lava Beds National Monument

Location: Siskiyou County, CA
Length: 0.8 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Features: Hiking trails, biking not allowed, national monument, archeological site, rough terrain, rock art, arid dessert

About the Petroglyph Point Trail

The trail is situated northeast of the outer portion of the Lava Beds National Monument, sitting in the Modoc people’s traditional territory. It ascends up the top of Petroglyph Point where you can take a glimpse of Medicine Lake Volcano and other basin around it. It’s a quick but steep out and back trail but quite unique from others because of its history. Terrain is generally rough because of its composition. There’s a moderate number of visitors in the trail all year round who can also take part in some activities offered there. It is recommended for all skill levels. A portion of the trail has been fenced because some tourist would chip off blocks from rock as souvenir.

Trails In The Lava Beds National Monument

Above-ground hiking trails Lava Beds actually reach up to thirteen in number.  The short trails include Heppe Cave Trail, Captain Jacks Stronghold Trail, Gillem Bluff Trail, Schonchin Butte Trail, Missing Link Trail , Symbol Bridge Trail, Bunchgrass Trail, Thomas-Wright Battlefield Trail, Wildfire Hazards, Big Nasty Trail, Petroglyph Point Trail. Unfortunately, most of these have been closed due to wildfire hazard. Among the three long trails, only Whitney Butte Trail hasn’t been closed. Lyons and Three Sisters Trail have been closed to due the same reason.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Arid dessert ahead

You might not be used to this climate so prepare plenty of sun protection and any form of hydration. There are lots of wildlife like rattle snakes along the trail so be careful especially if bringing pets.

2) Best petroglyphs

Take a peak at one of the largest panels recorded in Native American rock art history that can be found along this trail. A guide about the petroglyphs is also available for hikers and general visiting public.

3) Avoid social trail

One developed on the trails west side. But it is highly discouraged by authorities because it creates erosion and disruption of the nesting birds. So please avoid this trail.

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