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Downieville Downhills Mountain Biking

Downieville Downhills Mountain Biking

Downieville Mountain Biking

Location: Downieville, CA
Miles: 19 miles
Difficulty: Difficult (Advanced Riders)
Duration: 4 hours Ride Time
Users: Mountain bikers.  No wheelchair access.

Features: Creek crossings, pools to swim, beautiful scenery. Speed is fast as the trail is wide enough and it’s almost all downhill. Very fun and should be on your must ride list. Singletrack for 85% of the ride. MTB magazines said possibly the best singletrack in all the West! Expect steep technical tops with creek crossings, higher speeds on lower area called 2nd divide, amazing waterfalls, swimming holes, long suspension style bridges, and getting rockier each year, so go soon!

This is a must-do trail for any real mountain biker, it’s just perfect. Some technical sections, some screaming fast sections, and endless fun!

This is about as much fun as you can have on two wheels and maybe the best trail we’ve ever ridden. What a brilliant descent! 5,000 feet of descending in 15 miles…yeah, you’ll burn through some of your brake pads!

The top is superb wooded singletrack, and the moto trails are crazy, technical, and super fun, with the lower trails being much more mellow. The views of the river and the exposure to all the gorgeous nature is just awesome. It’ll take you some time to find the words that do this trail justice!

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Wear comfortable clothes

If you’re going for a ride on your bike on this trail, you have to be sure to wear something comfortable.

2) Keep yourself hydrated

A long bike ride can get you parched. Bring a hydration pack to keep you from getting dehydrated!

3) Stop to view the river

Always take a break and take a moment to appreciate your surroundings.

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