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Glass Mountain Trail – Lava Beds National Monument

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Glass Mountain Trail – Lava Beds National Monument

Location: Tulelake, CA
Length: 4.9 miles
Difficulty: Difficult
Features: Dog Friendly, Kid Friendly, Hiking, Nature Trips, Walking, Bird Watching, Views

About the Glass Mountain Trail

The Glass Mountain Trail is located near Tulelake, California that has an approximately 4.9 miles lightly trafficked out and back trail. The trail offers scenic sights and is good for hiking, walking, bird watching, and nature trips.

Trails In The Lava Beds National Monument

There is no specific or official trail to the Glass Mountain peak. However, the summit can be reached by a well-defined use trail. This trail begins as a closed and relatively flat 4WD path that stops after about 1/4 mile. After the 4WD trail finishes, the trail transitions into a very steep single-track trail. After hitting the ridge, the trail gets somewhat less steep than it initially became. However, the trail quickly gets steep again as it begins to ascend the ridge that leads to Glass Mountain.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Check The Forecast

As a rule of thumb, check the forecast first before the hike.   Normally, a quick Google search would do the trick. Take note that the weather in the mountains is usually colder and windier and that it can change rapidly.

2) Take it Easy

One of the most common mistakes hikers make when they’re climbing uphill is that they’re taking big, bounding steps. Doing this will easily wear you out since you will be triggering your muscles to work hard.

3) Bring Enough Food and Water

Since you’re going to sweat and exert a lot of energy when hiking, you’re going to need a lot of water and food to keep going.

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