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Harbor Mouth Surfing

Harbor Mouth Surfing

Harbor Mouth

Location: Santa Cruz County, CA

Features: You shouldn’t surf here unless you are 100% certain of your abilities and skills as a surfer. This spot is only for the most experienced surfers. Even if you’re an experienced surfer, you could encounter frustration, because it rarely ever breaks. When it does break, there is the risk of serious injury. There is the risk of injury from rocks and from other surfers. When you can catch a wave, though, it’s great. There are some dangers here, notably from rocks, buoys, localism, pollution, and sharks. Overall, this isn’t a great surf spot, especially for beginners and intermediates. There are better places to surf in Santa Cruz.

Beach: Park on the side of the street when you arrive here. There is limited parking, and it is always crowded on a sunny day, so come early if you want to find a good parking spot. This place is best for experienced surfers. During the week, it is very crowded, and on the weekends it is ultra-crowded. This harbor is just for expert surfers, and it only breaks less than five times each year. When it does break, the waves can be really dangerous.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Be careful

Watch out for rocks when surfing and sharks may also wander around this area. Always be cautious and aware of your surroundings! Be safe.

2) Keep yourself dry

One of the best ways to do that is by bringing your own microfiber towel.

3) Catch waves during the Summer

The best month to visit Harbour Mouth Beach is in July. Surf’s up during summer!

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  • Super territorial area. The surfers here are total a-holes. Be careful. People have been attacked and personal property vandalized.

    Although last time I was in the area, there was police nearby the entire time – no incidents.

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