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Mendocino Headlands Hike

Mendocino Headlands Hike

Mendocino Headlands Hike


Mendocino Headlands Hike

Location: Mendocino, CA
Difficulty: Easy
Features: Hiking, ocean views, bluffs, trails, beach, blowhole, downtown, dog friendly, vista points, benches, bathrooms

A heavily trafficked out and back trail in Mendocino California, the Mendocino Headlands Hike takes hikers through beautiful flowers and features a breathtaking view of the coastline. The trail is unmarked but it is easy as it transverses the coastline. It runs from north to south of the park. It also provides hikers a view of the interesting rock formations off the coastline.


Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Revel in the interesting rock formations off the coastline.

The Mendocino Headland Hike transverses the coastline and offers a breathtaking view of interesting rock formations off the coastline.

2) Bring lots of water.

Trails without much shade can cause dehydration as the heat may cause you to lose more water through sweat. Bring an extra bottle or bottles. Use a carabiner when there is no space left inside your bag.

3) Always bring some snacks with you.

Bring some handy, high energy snacks with you. Make sure that it is high protein, high sugar to give you the extra boost on exhausting hikes.

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  • I love Mendo so much. Emerald Triangle represent!

  • Little more crowed than it used to be, but still a super friendly and pretty area.

  • David Aston

    You already know!

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