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Hospital Rock Trail – Lava Beds National Monument

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Hospital Rock Trail – Lava Beds National Monument

Location: Tulelake, CA
Length: 0.3 mile
Difficulty: Easy
Features: Hiking trails, rocky, no shade, bird watching, no dogs, wildlife observation, kid-friendly

About the Hospital Rock Trail

Hospital Rock was the site of a camp and a crude field hospital used by a small U.S. group of army troops during the Modoc Indian War. Hospital Rock is a 0.5 km moderately-traveled back and forth trail situated close to Tulelake, California that provides breathtaking sceneries and is good for all experience levels. The trail is mostly used for walking and is available all year round.

Trails In The Lava Beds National Monument

This short trail is situated on the north side of the road that passes along the northern boundary of the park. It is situated at the northern station of the Lyons Trail; small parking space is readily accessible at the trailhead. The trail is easy to understand and follow. It will then lead to the top of a small rock formation named Hospital Rock.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Leave The Trail Better

If you see trash along the trail, don’t hesitate to pick it up and throw it appropriately. This is one of the best practices that every good hiker should put into action when trekking.

2) Consider What To Wear

Keep in mind that what you wear will have a big effect on your hiking experience. Therefore, always make sure to be comfortable as you can when hiking by wearing proper hiking shorts and pants.

3) Be Physically Prepared

It is important to consume more food and water than you would normally have before you hike. Take note that y our body needs the right amount of energy before and during a hike.

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