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Lyons Trail – Lava Beds National Monument

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Lyons Trail – Lava Beds National Monument

Location: Tulelake, CA
Length: 9.5 miles
Difficulty: Intermediate

Features: Hiking, walking, running, bird watching, no dogs, wildlife observation, wilderness, backpacking

About the Lyons Trail

The Lyons Trail is a 15.3 km point-to-point trail situated close to Tulelake, California that features amazing views and is graded as moderate. The trail is mostly used for walking, hiking, and running.

Trails In The Lava Beds National Monument

The Lyons Trail is a double track. The northern section of this trail is undoubtedly a gravel road. The park service uses it to transport people to the Fern Cave. The southern section of the trail is a mixture of single-track and abandoned rough roads. As mentioned earlier, Lyons Trail is a point-to-point trail. Therefore, if you have access to several vehicles, you can depart the vehicle at one of the two trailheads and use it to come back to the other vehicle afterward. Parking space is easily available at the two trailheads.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Store Extra Clothes in your Car

Getting wet and tired at the end of a long hike is almost inevitable. That said, there’s no better way to end the journey than to have some clean and warm clothes that you can easily put on.

2) Be Aware of the Time

Don’t forget to check the time every once in a while when you’re hiking, especially when you’re alone. It is important to know how much sunlight you have left before it gets dark.

3) Bring a Waterproof Backpack

A leaky bag is probably the worst thing that can happen, especially if you will find out that your dry clothes became soggy because of the leakage.

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