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Las Zanjas and El Camino Loop – La Purisima Mission

La Purisima Mission

Las Zanjas and El Camino Loop – La Purisima Mission

Location: La Purisima Mission, Santa Barbara County, CA
Miles: 2.5 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours
Users: Hikers, dogs , mountain bikes, and horses permitted. No wheelchair access.


Image Source: Songs of the Wilderness

The Area:

La Purisima Mission is a historic park and is not a recreational park. However, despite this, there are a number of good hiking trails available here. There is a level loop trail that goes around the mission, which offers a good starting point. Take the Las Zanjas trail, which is spelled Las Zonas on some of the signs in the area.

There is a wide road that goes behind the mission buildings. You can take a cutoff at the right side of the pat to go to the large cross located on the hill. There is a steep climb, but you will be rewarded with a wide view of the Pacific Coast and the entire mission area.

You can continue on the path to the boundary of the park and loop back using the paved road of the park. Along the path you will feel the cool ocean breezes, while you are viewing the gorgeous bush monkey flowers, the buckeye trees, as well as the green grasslands during the spring. Make sure that you take a tour of the mission when you complete your hike.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Take photos

Snap good photos of La Purisima Mission and your hike. You’d want to do an outdoor shoot at this venue! Be sure you have a good quality camera.  You’ll see what we’re talking about once you’re there.

2) Take your dog for a walk

You and your family could take your dog on this hike! Make sure he’s on a leash so you don’t lose them.

3) Take a tour of the mission

As long as you’re already there, why not take a tour of the mission. It’s always fun to learn something new when you’re already out and about.

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  • Perfect hike, not too long, not too short, and the dog loves it. Bring water, can get hot in exposed areas during the summer

  • I live super close to Las Zanjas and El Camino Loop, doggo loves it. There are a lot of dogs off-leash here, but I’ve never had an issue. Everybody has been friendly and their dogs well behaved and happy

  • Had no idea there was so much nature and wild life out here.

    Loved this loop.

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