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Little North Fork Trail

Little North Fork Trail

Little North Fork Trail

Little North Fork Trail

Location: Marble Mountain Wilderness, Siskiyou County, CA
Difficulty: Moderate – Difficult
Features: Hiking trails, bird watching, no dogs, horseback riding, incredible scenery

A singletrack dirt and gravel trail, the Little North Folk Trail is a steep and alternate access trail into the English Peak area of Marble Mountain Wilderness. It is a shorter yet more difficult trail compared to North Folk Trail. The Little North Folk Trail ends at Hamilton Camp on the ridge. Destination options from trailhead include Chimney Rock Lake, Chimney Rock, Lily Lake, and Clear Lake.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Stay hydrated

You sweat about half to one quart of fluid for every hour you walk in the heat – and around 3 quarts if you walk uphill. Thus it is important to stay hydrated.

2) Filter your water before drinking

Backcountry water must be treated for Glardia Lamblia, a parasite that causes gastrointestinal upset. You can boil water or use a dependable water filter system.

3) Stay fueled

Bring food with you that will give you energy – energy bar, trail mix, beef jerky, and high sugar snacks.


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