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Lookout Point Loop Trail

Lookout Point Loop Trail

Lookout Point Loop Trail

Lookout Point Loop Trail

Location: Richardson Grove State Park, Humboldt County, CA
Miles: 1.7 miles
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Duration: 1 hour
Users: Hikers only. No dogs, horses, or mountain bikes. No wheelchair access.

Features: Redwood, fir and tan oak forest, South Fork Eel River, ~1,000 year old redwoods, Lookout Point, Madrone Campground

This trail is the best of Richardson Grove’s hikes with a 3.4 kilometer loop settled near Garberville, California that features a great forest setting and is good for all skill levels. Used mainly for hiking and nature trips, the trail begins in the park’s astonishing lowland grove which leads to a small old-growth upland grove and then returns to the lowland trails, hence the name Lookout Point Loop.

In comparison, the upland redwoods have nothing against the magnificent lowland redwoods, albeit the old-growth upland still has a certain charm that can’t be replicated in the second growth forest. If seeing the biggest redwoods interests you, stick to the lowland trails.
main grove.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Hike in style

Wear an outfit that you want but on hiking mode and take pictures with these beautiful redwoods. Check out these colorful hiking pants!

2) Bring a snack

If you get hungry, you can munch on something while you look out for those beautiful redwoods. Be mindful of your trash. Keep them until you find a garbage can where you can dispose of them properly.

3) Watch out for the road

Although the road in this trail is not that busy, being cautious when you cross is still a must.

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