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Emeryville Aquatic Park

Emeryville Aquatic Park

Emeryville Aquatic Park

Aquatic Park

Location: Emeryville, Alameda County, CA
Miles: 2.4 miles – Loop
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1-2 hours
Users: Hikers, dogs, and mountain bikes permitted. Wheelchair access
Features: kid-friendly, bay, estuary, bird watching
Getting there:

     North end: overpass just south of University Avenue at the north end of the lake connects Berkeley to the Bay Trail

     South end:  north end of Shellmound Street, off a lightly-used on-ramp to the highway

Note: Though the noise of traffic is the only drawback, this location has many features. There is a large playground, grassy picnic areas, frisbee-golf course, café and boat renting area (at the North end).

The Aquatic Park Trail is a 2.4 mile path that connects to an overpass bridge leading up to the Bay. This trail splits into a different direction as it loops through the park but meets at the center by using the bridge. It gives you a quick tour around the park that features a small lake and has a variety of activities to offer. The estuaries seen here are exceptional, along with some birds cruising in the sky near the bay.

You can visit this place at Emeryville, Alameda County. It’s very accessible and kid-friendly, with a large playground, grassy picnic areas, frisbee-golf course, café, and boat renting area (at the North end). But since it is near a highway, unavoidable traffic noise can be heard throughout the park.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Have your picnic basket ready

This park is a great place to relax on the grass with a book and some snacks from your picnic basket. If you don’t want to bring too much you always bring some trail mix to not get hungry.

2) Bring your furry buddy

Treat your dog to a lovely walk around the trail and a fun playtime at the park.

3) Go bird watching

See the birds fly in the sky with the vistas offered by the park.

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