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Montara State Beach

Montara State Beach


Location: San Mateo County, CA

Features: This place can get some pretty big waves. When it’s small, beginners and intermediates will do fine here. This place can be a little dangerous, and only experienced surfers should feel truly comfortable here. Waves can get very big, and you could drown, break your board, or get injured. There have been several white shark sightings at this spot too. The environment is pretty mellow, but you shouldn’t drop in on other people. The place is not very crowded, and people come here to surf and not be bothered.

Beach: This place is located off of Highway 1, just a couple of miles past Devil’s Slide, right when you get out of Pacifica. There is parking on the roadside in the dirt. There are lots of cliffs, but it can be hard to find a spot sometimes. You should take a car to get there obviously. It’s a good walk to get down to the beach (about 15-30 minutes). This spot is better for experienced surfers, not amateurs. During the week it’s virtually empty, and there are very few surfers on the weekend. So, if you want a little time alone and you’re an experienced surfer, this is the place to go.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Watch out for shark!

If you decide to go here, be sure you’re an experienced surfer and when you’re in the water always take extra caution because of the waves and more importantly the sharks.

2) Chill and enjoy the beach

Because of the mellow vibe, even if you don’t want to get into the water, you can just lie in the sand with a cold drink or even bring your own inflatable sofa for a perfect beach weekend.

3) Clean as you go

Respect the beach! Don’t scatter trash or leave anything behind that might go into the water.

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