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Murph Bar

Murph Bar

Murph Bar

Location: Santa Cruz County, CA

Features: This beach is located right in the city, and it’s pretty easy to find. The only real dangers are rips / undertow, man-made danger, localism, and pollution. You don’t have to worry about sharks. You will see the rare world class wave here. You should watch out for pros when the waves are big here, and just don’t get in their way.

Beach: This place can be crowded during the week, and it is really crowded on the weekend. The Murph Bar is a great place for beachgoers and tourists who want to wade out into the water or boogie board. There isn’t a bad vibe at all here. When the waves start up though, you might want to hurry back to the shore. You can get a look at the Santa Cruz Harbor or the Murph Bar from The Crow’s Nest, which is a little establishment on the east side of the Harbor. For lunch or breakfast, try Aldo’s Restaurant on the harbor’s west side before you go out to the beach to tan and relax. Aldo’s Restaurant is clean, quiet place to eat on a sunny winter day in Santa Cruz.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Bring your Boogie Board

Try boogie boarding than the usual surfing.

2) Pack a towel

Stay dry by bringing a microfibre towel! It doesn’t take much space and it’s fast drying.

3) Explore the beach

While you’re in Santa Cruz, you could explore the whole area. You can even visit Santa Cruz Harbour.

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