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Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park

Location: 3002 Mt Angeles Rd, Port Angeles, Washington 98362, United States
Features: backpacking, rafting, wildlife viewing, hiking trials, Hurricane Ridge

About the Olympic National Park

About Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest. The park sprawls across several different ecosystems, from the dramatic peaks of the Olympic Mountains to old-growth forests. The summit of glacier-clad Mt. Olympus is popular with climbers, and hiking and backpacking trails cut through the park’s rainforests and along its Pacific coastline.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks for Olympic National Park

1) Soak In The Views From Hurricane Ridge

During winter, the viewpoint known as Hurricane Ridge offers numerous winter sports activities. Hurricane Ridge is the most easily accessed mountain area within Olympic National Park. In clear weather, fantastic views can be enjoyed throughout the year.

2) Go Backpacking Along The Beach

An unusual feature of Olympic National Park is the opportunity for backpacking along the beach. The length of the coastline in the park is sufficient for multi-day trips, with the entire day spent walking along the beach. Although idyllic compared to toiling up a mountainside, one must be aware of the tide; at the narrowest parts of the beaches, high tide washes up to the cliffs behind, blocking passage. 

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3) Plan Your Visit Ahead Of Time

Check the local forecast and current road condition before planning a visit to the park.

Weather and conditions at Olympic can change quickly. For a safe and enjoyable trip, best to stay connected at Olympic National Park social media accounts such as website and other handy tools which contains important information on campgrounds, park regulations, trip planning hiking trails and other pertinent information on visiting the park.

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