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North Cascades National Park

North Cascades National Park

North Cascades National Park

Location: Washington, United States
Features: hiking trails, camping, horseback riding, mountaineering

About the North Cascades National Park

About North Cascades National Park

North Cascades National Park is an American National Park located in northern Washington State. It is a vast wilderness of conifer-clad mountains, glaciers, and lakes. The North Cascades Highway passes viewpoints and leads to trails such as the steep Thunder Creek Trail. Boats dot Ross Lake. The remote community of Stehekin lies at the northern tip of deep Lake Chelan. The park shelters grizzly bears and gray wolves, plus more than 200 bird species. 

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Top 3 Adventure Hacks for North Cascades National Park

1) Experience Real Mountaineering

North Cascades National Park is a favorite destination for many mountaineering enthusiasts because of its High-quality climbing routes on the numerous cliffs, ice and other challenges. While some peaks and cliffs can be accessed easily, the most remote ones entail a multi-day excursion, challenging for even experienced mountaineers.

Mountaineering in the North Cascades was first popularized by Fred Beckey. At age 15 he was the first to reach the summit of Sinister Peak in 1938, in 1939 he was the first atop Mount Despair, and the following year he was the first to climb Forbidden Peak. 

2) Enjoy Ross Lake National Recreation

Ross Lake National Recreation Area is a major recreation destination in the Northern Cascades, attracting visitors from across the US and Canada with fishing, hunting, canoeing, kayaking, climbing and hiking opportunities. It contains trailheads that connect to hundreds of miles of hiking trails in adjoining North Cascades National Park, Pasayten Wilderness and Skagit Valley Provincial Park. 

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3) Planning Your Visit Ahead Of Time

Check the local forecast and current road condition before planning a visit to the park.

Although the North Cascades frequently enjoy a summer drought with warm dry conditions, cool rainy weather is a possibility year-round, higher elevations are colder. Snow is possible in any month, especially at the higher elevations and early or late season. Warm layers, a wool or fleece clothing, hat and gloves and good rain gear are a necessity, Dress in layers so you can regulate your body temperature by adding or removing insulation. 

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