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Pine Creek To Lake Patterson – South Warner Wilderness

Pine Creek To Lake Patterson – South Warner Wilderness

Pine Creek Trail To Lake Patterson – South Warner Wilderness

Location: Modoc National Forest, Cedarville, CA
Length: 4.64 miles
Difficulty: Intermediate
Features: Hiking trail, ranching area, unique rock formations, volcanic rocks, unique lakes

About the Pine Creek to Lake Patterson Trail

You can find the Pine Creek Trailhead to the east of West Warner road. Start from there and  follow the Pine Creek Basin heading to South Warner Range crest where it meets the Summit Trail,then descend to Patterson Lake. When taking the trail, expect a variety of terrains and landscapes including deep forest populated with mostly aspen trees, creeks that run even during droughts, a few unique lakes and rock formations. Two miles from starting point, you will see vast meadows with wildflowers and sagebush in abundance near the basin. A colorful scenery is visible during fall when you reach the elevation of 7,400 feet. There is a short climb north of the trail nearing Patterson Lake which you can reach after a final and quick descend.

Trails In The South Warner Wilderness.

This trail also leads up to the Warner Summit Loop. Portions of the Summit Trail and the Squaw Peak Trail can also be accessed when along the way. You can combine these trails that will take up to 2-3 nights trip.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Unique rock formations

Look for the these volcanic rock formations as you go up on the South Fork of the creek

2) Cow alert!

Since a portion of this wilderness allows for ranching, expect to see some cows grazing the land along the trail. They are gentle creatures but still practice caution.

3) Access other trails

If one trail is not enough, you can continue to take Summit Trail, Warner Summit Loop, or Squaw Peak Trail or even all if you wish! Just plan ahead and make sure to always check your directions.


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