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Squaw Peak Trail

Squaw Peak Trail

Squaw Peak Trail – South Warner Wilderness

Location: North end of South Warner Wilderness
Length: 5.86 miles
Difficulty: Intermediate
Features: Scenic trail, vast meadow, waterfall, camping ground

About the Squaw Peak Trail

Located at the north end of the South Warner Wilderness, this trail has the Squaw Peak as its backdrop. The peak stands high at 8,646 feet but is not part of the trail itself. Rather, it goes along 3 of the 4 sides of the peak covering north and south sides of the peak. Starting point is north from Warner Summit Trail, then descends to Warner Mountains where the most scenic spots of Warner Mountains are visible. Then onto Cottonwood creek. Most of the trail is covered by aspen and pine groves and slopes with wildflower and vast meadows.It’s also where you’ll find a waterfall. The meadows in this area is good for camping grounds. Half mile to the south then leads up to Patterson creek and an unknown lake. And 0.75 miles more and you’ll find the trail intersect Summit Trail. Another 0.2 miles from there, you will reach the end of the trail in. Patterson Lake after a good 4-5hour hike.

Trails In The South Warner Wilderness.

When taken together with the Warner Summit Trail and Owl Creek Trail, you’ll be able to go around the whole South Warner Wilderness.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Enjoy the scenery

One of the most scenic routes in South Warner Wilderness. Make sure to load up your camera and phone batteries so you won’t miss anything.

2) Prepare to camp

You can spend a night or two in the vast meadows of the Cottonwood Basin. Make sure to prepare all gear and kits.

3) Plan your route

It’s recommended to take on the other connecting trails to go around the whole South Warner Wilderness. Bring along the essential map, GPS, and communication devices so make the most out of the trip.


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