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Placerita Creek Waterfall

Placerita Creek Waterfall Trail

Placerita Creek Waterfall


Photo by The Geek Hiker

Location: Placerita Canyon County Park, Los Angeles County, CA

Miles: 5.5 miles

Difficulty: Easy – Moderate

Duration: 2.5 – 3 hours

Users: Hikers and dogs permitted. No horses and mountain bikes. No wheelchair access.

Features: Placerita Canyon Nature Center, Canyon Trail, Placerita Canyon, Placerita Creek, oak trees, sycamore trees, Waterfall Trail, Walker Ranch Group Campground, waterfall

Placerita Creek Waterfall Trail

A hiking trail that leads to the Los Pinetos Waterfall, the Placerita Creek Waterfall Trail starts from the trailhead near the Nature Center in Placerita Canyon Park.

Nestled in the San Gabriel Mountains, Placerita Canyon State Park is a California State Park that was, at one time, occupied by the Tataviam Native American people and was included in the Mexican Land Grant in 1842. The park preserved the site where the first documented discovery of gold in California was found. Gold flakes were seen on wild onions. To date, the area is now known as ‘Oak of the Golden Dream’, a California Historical Landmark #168.

The trail will take hikers through cone spruce and coastal like oak, and finally to a 15 feet tall seasonal waterfall. It starts from the trailhead at the Nature Center, goes east on Canyon Trail following the Placerita Creek. It then takes the Waterfall Trail on the end of Canyon Trail to the Los Pinetos Canyon.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Discover the rich history of Placerita.

The Placerita Canyon State Park is the site where the first documented discovery of gold in California was found. It was when gold flakes were found on wild onions growing on the ground. To date, the area is now called the ‘Oak of the Golden Dream’, a California Historical Landmark #168.

2) It pays to be prepared.

At times, trails may intersect and it is often hard to know if you are still on the right track. It is best to do some research on the area. A state park can have as much as 60 miles of trails. Visit the locality’s website or information center for a detailed trail map.

3) Bring extra clothing.

You might come across streams, rivers, waterfalls, lakes and it pays to bring extra clothing. A handy dry sack can keep your stuff organized inside your bag.

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