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Towsley and Wiley Canyons

Towsley and Wiley Canyons


Photo by Santa Clarita City Briefs

Location: Towsley Canyon, Los Angeles County, CA
Difficulty: Moderate
Features: Hiking trails, horseback riding, bike friendly, bird watching, dogs allowed, wildlife observation

Towsley and Wiley Canyons

A segment of the Santa Clarita Woodlands Park on the north side of Santa Susana Mountains in Los Angeles County is Ed Davis Park which houses the trailhead to the Towsley and Wiley Canyons. There are two trails in this area. The Towsley View Loop, the longer trail, is a 5.4 mile loop with 1,075 feet of elevation gain while the Canyon View Loop Trail, the shorter one, is only 1.9 miles. Both trails takes hikers through canyons, ridges, and oak groves.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Be properly dressed

Get ready for adventure! Foremost, it is important to know the nature of the trail prior to the hike for you to be able to wear the appropriate outfit. Wear cotton or comfortable clothing during warm walks and hikes however avoid wearing it in the cold. Cotton keeps moisture close to the skin, making you cold.

2) Wear long pants for protection

Trails may go through dense forests. Long pants not only protect your legs from ticks or poison oak but also from mosquitoes. Thick pants also prevent animal bites from penetrating your skin.

3) Wear appropriate footwear

Trail shoes are best for short and easy trailing but hiking boots are recommended for technical hikes. It pays to know the nature of the trail to be able to determine the right pair of shoes to wear for the hike.

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