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54 Places To Visit In The 54 Countries of Africa

Basilica of Our Lady of Peace of Yamoussoukro

54 Places To Visit In The 54 Countries of Africa

Africa is not only known to be the second largest and the second most populous continent in the world, but is also famed for its numerous countries containing a wide variety of impressive attractions. Every country in this continent has its own strategic location and provides its visitors with a lot of things to do and see. The following are some of the best places worth visiting in the 54 countries of Africa:

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1. Algeria – Learn About Algeria’s History at Bardo Museum of Prehistory & Ethnography

Established in the late 1800s, Bardo Museum of Prehistory & Ethnography is considered one of the oldest museums in Algeria. The museum contains a huge collection of Neolithic stones and pottery, paintings of horses and chariots, fabulous fossils, and rock carvings. In addition, its ethnography section is filled with modern artefacts.

2. Angola – Experience Nature at Kissama National Park

Kissama National Park, also referred to as Quiçama National Park, is a beautiful park located about 75 kilometres from Luanda, the capital city of Angola. Lying on an expansive land of about 12,000 square kilometres, the park contains a wide variety of plants and wild animals. Notable wild animals include giraffes, lions, and the rare black palanca antelopes.

3. Benin – Tour Around Pendjari National Park

The Pendjari National Park is found in the north-western region of Benin. The park covers an area of about 2,800 square kilometres. It is home to wonderful wildlife including hippopotamuses, baboons, elephants, crocodiles, West African lions, antelopes, buffaloes, and cheetahs, explaining why it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 2009.

4. Botswana – Go Yachting at Gaborone Dam

Gaborone Dam is one of the most famous landmarks in Botswana. The dam is located on the Notwane River and is believed to hold up to about 141,150,000 cubic metres of water. A local yacht club is always on site to provide you with unforgettable yachting experiences. While standing on the dam, you can watch different beautiful birds soaring high in the sky.

5. Burkina Faso – Go Shopping at the Grand Market of Bobo-Dioulasso

This magnificent market is occupied by a large number of vendors selling different types of items including jewellery, gas lamps, fruits, motor pats, clothes, electronics, sawing shears, cooking utensils, curios, and green vegetables.

6. Burundi – Go See Burundi’s Oldest Traditional Drums at Gishora Drums Sanctuary

Gishora Drums Sanctuary is found on top of a hill located about 8 kilometres from Gitega City. With its numerous exhibitions of drums and traditional dancers, the sanctuary defines itself as one of Burundi’s most fascinating cultural sites. The drums used to be played only on special occasions by profession traditionalists who were always appointed by the king.

7. Cameroon – Climb Mount Cameroon

Mount Cameroon is the highest and most famous volcanic mountain in Central and West Africa. Rising to a height of about 4,050 metres above the sea level, the mountain is known to experience cold climate and is a very favourite place for hikers and mountain climbers. The mountain is surrounded by tin-roofed huts where you can rest or sleep whenever you feel tired.

8. Cape Verde – Sunbathe at Tarrafal Beach

Tarrafal is the biggest and most visited beach in Cape Verde. Apart from having black sand and blue waters, the beach is also surrounded by luxurious hotels, curio shops, ice cream stalls, and apartments for rent. Fascinating activities offered here include swimming, surfing, and fishing.

9. Central African Republic – Drive Around Basse-Lobaye Forest

Bangui Forest is a natural tropical forest located approximately 50 kilometres from the city centre of Bangu, the capital city of Central African Republic. The forest contains some of the rarest species of trees and wild animals. Birds found inside this forest include stone partridge, crested guineafowl, guttera pucherani, and ptilopachus petrosus.

10. Chad – Gaze at the Tibesti Mountains

The Tibesti Mountains are an impressive group of inactive volcanoes found in the northern region of Chad. There is only one potentially active volcano. The highest peak, which stands at an amazing height of about 3,400 metres, is known as Emi Koussi. Covering an area of about 100,000 square kilometres, the mountains house a number of plants and wild animals including cheetahs and gazelles.

11. Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire) – See Some of the World’s Oldest Trees at Kisanto Botanical Gardens

Kisanto Botanical Gardens contain a wide collection of some of the oldest trees in the world. Each tree is labeled with its botanical name for easy identification and understanding. The gentle rivers passing through the gardens are very suitable for swimming and fishing.

12. Djibouti – Visit the Scary Gulf of Demons

Also referred to as the Bay of Ghoubet, the Gulf of the Demons, is a superb gulf linked to the Gulf of Tadjoura by a long and narrow inlet measuring about 760 metres long. The gulf is about 250 metres deep and is surrounded by small and big volcanic rocks that give it the black and scary look. It usually experiences strong winds that cause strong currents and big waves. It is home to dolphins and other types of marine fish.

13. Egypt – Learn About Egypt’s Culture at the Egyptian Museum

Also known as the Museum of Egyptian Antiques, the Egyptian Museum, is found in Cairo, the capital city of Egypt. The museum has a high concentration of ancient Egyptian antiques and artefacts. Its Royal Mummy Room contains more than 25 royal mummies that have been preserved ever since the Pharaonic times.

14. Equatorial Guinea – Visit Bioko Island

Bioko is a wonderful volcanic island forming the northernmost part of Equatorial Guinea. The island is inhabited by very hospitable natives and is covered with a natural rainforests housing some of Africa’s endangered primate species. In addition, it has stunning beaches where sea turtles usually come to relax and lay eggs.

15. Eritrea – Go and see the Asmara Synagogue

Established in the year 1902, Asmara Synagogue is the oldest surviving synagogue of the Jewish community in Eritrea. It features a sanctuary, Muslim classrooms, and a Jewish cemetery. The nearby Crystal Hotel Eritrea offers meals and accommodation at very affordable rates.

16. Ethiopia – Take a Trip to the Danakil Depression

The Danakil Depression is a desert basin found in the north-eastern region of Ethiopia, a few kilometres from the Eritrean border. With an average temperature of 40+ degrees Celsius and lying up to about 100 metres below the sea level, is considered one of the driest and hottest places on earth. The depression is dotted with salted basins, active volcanoes, a lava lake, and hot springs.

17. Gabon – Watch Wildlife at Loango National Park

Located on the southern coastline of Gabon, the Loango National Park comprises of a number of beaches, mangroves, forests and Savannah. It is home to beautiful wildlife including elephants, monkeys, hippopotamuses, lowland gorillas, turtles, red river pigs, and buffaloes.

18. Gambia – Enjoy Stunning Views of Banjul Atop Arch 22

Arch 22 is an outstanding commemorative arch serving as the main entrance to Banjul, the capital city of Gambia. The arch was built in the year 1996 to celebrate the military coup d’etat which managed to overthrow the democratically elected government in 1994. Standing at an amazing height of about 36 metres, it remains the tallest structure in Gambia.

19. Ghana – Learn About Ghana’s Independence at Independence Square

Also referred to as Black Star Square, the Independence Square is a special public square which was built to celebrate Ghana’s independence. It is located just a few metres away from the Kwameh Nkurumah Memorial Park and the Accra Sports Stadium. The square features an eternal flame lit by Kwame Nkuruma in 1961.

20. Guinea Bissau – Marvel at Guinea Bissau’s Artefacts at the Museum of African Artefacts

The museum of African Artefacts provides both natives and visitors with very exciting experiences. The museum contains a huge collection of ancient African artefacts including statues, traditional pottery, woven baskets, and ropes. These beautiful artifacts not only come from Guinea Bissau, but also from Mozambique, and Angola.

21. Guinea – Visit the Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque is found in the heart of Conakry, Guinea’s capital city. The mosque stands out as the largest mosque not only in Guinea, but also in the whole of West Africa, being capable of accommodating up to about 10,000 devotees. The gardens of the mosque contain the tombs of Alfa Yaya, Sékou Touré, and Samori Touré as well as the Camayanne Mausoleum.

22. Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire) – Worship God at the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace of Yamoussoukro

This wonderful basilica was established in the year 1989. It has a very outstanding architectural design featuring a dome, large stained windows, and stylishly decorated interior. It is considered the largest church in the world, covering an area of about 30,500 metres and capable of accommodating up to about 18,200 worshippers at a single service.

23. Kenya – Take a Tour Around Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus was built by the Portugues between 1591 and 1596. Located at the highest point of Mombasa Harbour, the port offers stunning sea and port views. The World Heritage Site displays the best of ancient Portuguese architecture and features battlements, gun turrets, protected inner buildings.

24. Lesotho – Go Skiing at the Lesotho Highlands

With two ski lifts and a three ski slopes, the highlands allow both novice and professional skiers to enjoy skiing, especially during winter during winter. The Afri-Ski resort offers affordable meals, entertainment, and accommodation at all times.

25. Liberia – Watch the Ruins of Masonic Temple

Masonic Temple is one of the oldest buildings in Liberia. The now ruined temple used to serve as a refuge centre to more than 8,000 squatters during the Liberian First Civil War. The temple is located near the famous National Museum of Liberia.

26. Libya – Watch the Acacus Mountains

Also known as Tadrart Acacus, the Acacus Mountains, are a group of gigantic mountains forming a wonderful mountain range in the Sahara region. They boast of a variation of sceneries and landscapes featuring deep ravines, coloured sand dunes, isolated rocks, gorges, and arches.

27. Madagascar – Go For a Guided Tour Around Ranomafana National park

Ranomafana National Park is found in Ranomafana Village in the south-eastern region of Madagascar. The park features densely forested hills and a wide variety of streams. Apart from having antelopes, cheetahs, and lions, the park also houses the endangered golden bamboo lemur.

28. Malawi – Go Fishing in Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi is Africa’s third largest lake. This gorgeous freshwater lake has clear blue waters and is blessed with different species of fish, golden beaches, and a variety of birds. It is surrounded by cottages and campsites offering affordable accommodation.

29. Mali – Eat Fish at Fish Market

The Fish Market is found in Mopti. Here, fish is sold in different forms: dried fish, salted fish, fresh fish, and smoked fish. You can either eat inside available stalls or as buy a takeaway.

30. Mauritania – Watch Wild Animals and Birds at Banc d’Arguin National Park

Banc d’Arguin National Park is sandwiched between Nouadhibu and Nouakchott on Mauritania’s west coast. The park serves as a major breeding site for different migratory birds such as terns, flamingos, and pelicans, making a very perfect place for bird watching.

31. Mauritius – Enjoy Watching Birds at Casela Bird Park

Cacela Bird Park is found in Black River District on the western region of Mauritius. Covering an area of about 62 acres, the park contains more than 145 bird species from different parts of the world including the pink pigeons, herons, parrots, bitterns, and flamingos. In addition, there is a mini zoo containing lemurs, leopards, lemurs, and wallabies.

32. Morocco – Have a Good Time at Oulida Lagoon

Oulida is a crescent-shaped lagoon located in a small coastal village in Morocco. It offers fascinating activities including swimming, fishing, surfing, and sailing. The lagoon is also famed for oyster fishing and is lined with fine seafood restaurants and hotels.

33. Mozambique – Walk Around the Central Railway Station

Built in the year 1910, the Central Railway Station is one of the oldest surviving railway stations in the world. Its architectural design features a large central dome, tiled floors, and marble pillars, making it one of the most attractive structures in Maputo.

34. Namibia – Visit Twyfontein

Twyfontein lies in the northern region of Namibia. The site contains a huge collection of rock engravings than any other area in Africa. The engravings, which were created more than 5,500 year ago by ancient Namibian Bushmen, represent wild animals such as elephants, giraffes, and rhinoceroses.

35. Niger – Watch Water Falling From the Gurara Waterfalls

These spectacular waterfalls feature small streams moving away from the main River Gurara and descending the rocky cliffs. As they pass through a small gorge, they come out forcefully, producing thunderous noises.

36. Nigeria – Be in Touch With Mother Nature at Yankari Game Reserve

Yankari Game Reserve is one of the best places to witness some of Africa’s greatest wild animals such as tigers, lions, and elephants. Its Wikki Warm Springs offer warm water suitable for bathing. In addition, it is a good place for bird watching as it houses numerous bird species.

37. Reunion – Watch Turtles at Kelona Marine Turtle Observatory

Kelona Marine Turtle Observatory was established to offer protection and to the marine turtle species of Reunion. It contains indoor and outdoor tanks as well as rooms offering full exhibition of turtles. In addition, there are two species of land tortoises found outdoors.

38. Rwanda – Sail on Lake Kivu

Lying on the Democratic Republic of the Congo-Rwand border and covering an area of about 2,270 square klometres, Lake Kivu defines itself as one of the largest freshwater lakes in Rwanda. It is home to different species of fish including tilapia, clarias, barbus, and haplochromis.

39. Senegal – Learn About African Slave Trade at the House of Slaves

The House of Slaves is a beautiful museum located approximately 4 kilometres off the coast of Dakar, Senegal’s capital. The structure was built in the year 1786 to serve as a geographic reminder of the cruel Atlantic Slave Trade. It has a very unique architectural design and has paintings and statues of slaves and their masters detailing what went on during slave trade period.

40. Seychelles – Eat Fresh fruits in Felicite Island

Felicite is one of the most captivating and vibrant islands among the archipelago of Seychelles. This family-friendly island is located about 3.5 kilometres from La Digue Island. Every year, the natives harvest a wide variety of mouth-watering fruits including bananas, mangoes, and oranges.

41. Sierra Leone – Climb Mount Bintumani

With a height of about 1,150 metres, Mount Bintumani remains Sierra Leone’s highest peak. The rainforests covering the lower slopes contain a wide variety of plants and wild animals including dwarf crocodiles, owls, and pygmy hippopotamuses.

42. Sao Tome & Principe – Tour Around Obo National Park

This national park covers a large area of about 240 square kilometres and is famed for its evergreen virgin rainforests. The park features a Savannah area, mangroves, and a wide range of biotopes, all contributing positively to its unique ecosystem.

43. Somalia – Learn About Sudan’s Past Wars at the War Memorial

Found in the city centre of Hargeisa, the War Memorial is one of Somalia’s most popular monuments. One of its notable features is the Somalia Air force MiG Jet Fighter which was used by the Somali military personnel to fight against their enemies between 1980 and 1990.

44. South Africa – Have a Good Time at Sun City Resort

Also referred to as Africa’s Kingdom of Pleasure, Sun City, is a luxurious resort and casino located on the outskirts of Johannesburg. It offers two golf courses, a cultural village, two casinos, four hotels, and a sanctuary housing a large number of crocodiles.

45. Sudan – Watch a Football Match at AlHilal Stadium

AlHilal is a beautiful stadium serving as the main venue for competitive soccer matches in Omduman, Sudan. The stadium was built in 1965 and is very cable of accommodating up to 35,000 spectators at a single match. It currently serves as the home of AlHalal Football Club.

46. Swaziland – Have a First-Hand Experience of Swaziland’s Culture With the Matsamo People

Matsamo is a traditional and cultural village where the Matasmano people of Swaziland display the best of their traditional crafts, farm produce, history, and livestock. Apart from offering their traditional cuisine, the Matsamo people also hold regular song and dance performances to ensure their guests are comfortable and entertained.

47. Tanzania – Marvel at Mount Kilimanjaro

Standing at a height of about 5,900 metres above the sea level, Mount Kilimanjaro is considered the highest volcanic mountain in Africa. It is found inside Kilimanjaro National Park and has 3 volcanic cones: Shira, Mawnzi, and Kibo. The mountain is a very favourite place for mountain climbers.

48. Togo – Walk Inside Togo National Museum

Togo National Museum is found in the heart of Lome, the capital city of Togo. Built in the year 1975, the museum houses numerous artistic and cultural exhibits from Togo and other West African countries such as Nigeria and Benin.

49. Tunisia – Wine and Dine at Dar Zarrouk Restaurant

Dar Zarouk is a luxurious restaurant found inside the Dar Said Hotel. The restaurant offers the best of Mediterranean cuisine and an excellent collection of both local and exotic wines. Its terrace offers spectacular views of the nearby Sidi Bou Said and Bay of Tunis.

50. Uganda – Watch Flora and Fauna at Murchison National Park

Murchison National Park is located on the banks of River Nile, approximately 114 kilometres from Kampala. The park is home to a large number of mountain gorillas, giraffes, lions, leopards, and more than 750 bird species.

51. Western Sahara – Spend a Night at Hotel Parador

Hotel Parador is found in the heart of El Aaiún, the capital city of Western Sahara. The hotel has hospitable members of staff always ready to attend to you during any time of the day or night.

52. Zambia – Visit the South Luangwa National Park

This is one of the best places to experience the natural beauty of Zambia. Found in the valley of Luangwa River, the park contains numerous wild animals including elephants, large crocodiles, Thorncroft’s giraffes, zebras, spotted hyenas, and oribis.

53. Zanzibar – Sunbathe at Ras Nungwi Beach

Ras Nungwi is one of the most stunning and famous beaches in Zanzibar. Surrounded by numerous resorts, bars and nightclubs, the beach remains one of the best places to party in Zanzibar. In addition, it offers interesting activities including swimming and fishing.

54. Zimbabwe – Take a Boat Tour Around Lake Kariba

Lake Kariba is the largest artificial lake in the world. The lake lies between the Zimbabwe-Zambia border, about 1,400 kilometres upstream from the Indian Ocean. It houses several islands including Chikanka, Sekula, and Chete. It contains hippopotamuses, crocodiles, and different types of fish.

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