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Preston Peak

Preston Peak

Preston Peak

Preston Peak

Location: Siskiyou Wilderness, Del Norte County, CA
Miles: 19 miles
Difficulty: Very difficult
Duration: 2 days
Users: Hikers and dogs (dogs not recommended) only. No horses or mountain bikes. No wheelchair access.

Features: Views of Mount Shasta and famous peaks in the Trinity Alps and Marble Mountain Wilderness, Preston Peak Summit, Rattlesnake Meadow

Note: Trail dangerous in wet weather

Preston Peak is one of Siskiyou Wilderness’ treasures. It’s a massive peak hidden in the mountains with a summit that sets itself apart from any other peaks in Klamath Mountains and Southern Cascades. It has a coarse path, highly difficult to hike, and takes about two days to reach the summit.

Summit views are breathtaking, with all of Northwest California practically at your feet. Even more surprising is the fact that not a single sign of civilization can be seen from the summit. Views from both east and west highlight the craggy peaks and forested ridges, though the eastern part showcases the deep canyon of the Klamath River, the western then boasts the display of the Pacific Ocean.

While Preston Peak is not the highest mountain in the Siskiyous, it is still truly exceptional. Towering over the Raspberry Lake, Rattlesnake Meadows, and the sweeping primeval forests of Clear Creek Watershed.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Use a comfortable backpack

Your back will thank you as you’re hiking a rugged path. Get an Ultralight heavy-duty backpack!

2) Enjoy the view

Take in the vistas offered as a reward for reaching the summit.

3) Wear a proper gear

Be sure that you’re bringing and wearing the proper gear that fits this hike.

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