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Youngs Valley Trail

Youngs Valley Trail

Youngs Valley Trail

Youngs Valley Trail

Location: Siskiyou Wilderness, Del Norte County, CA
Miles: 13 miles
Difficulty: easy – moderate
Duration: all day
Users: Hikers, dogs, and horses permitted. No mountain bikes. No wheelchair access.

Features: Youngs Valley, Clear Creek, Youngs Meadow, Preston Peak, camping, trailhead close to Sanger Lake (camping here as well), trail extensions to Wilderness Falls and Rattlesnake Meadows

Siskiyou Wilderness offers the Youngs Valley Trail for a great tour around nature with tons of activities to enjoy. This trail is wide, suitable for hikers with companions, and runs a 13 mile path unfolding all the magnificent scenery of youngs valley. It’s a less strenuous hike and provides great photo opportunities for travelers.

The trailhead is near the sanger lake, a trail extension that leads to Wilderness Falls. The actual hike starts in Smith River NRA for just a mile then crosses into the Siskiyou Wilderness where it strictly allows hikers only. A small meadow will come to view after another mile down the trail. Proceeding in a southerly direction will reveal Clear Creek National Recreation Trail, which features a lovely creek.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Bring a towel

Hiking can get you sweaty, so be sure to have a towel ready.

2) Pack light

This is a long hike, bring only what you need. If you really have to bring some hear, consider getting a lightweight heavy-duty bag.

3) Enjoy the scenery

It’s always great to take a break and appreciate nature’s creation.

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