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20 Questions To Entertain Your Kids While On Adventures

20 Questions To Entertain Your Kids While On Adventures

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Time flies when you’re having fun. And what could be more fun than going on an adventure with your kids?

Whether it be a short hike, an overnight camping trip, or a weekend vacation panning for gold, a fun adventure will help you get to know your kids better while creating lasting memories that they’ll always cherish.

The thing is…

There will be times when your kids get bored. Long road trips, ferry rides, or waiting in a long line to enter a camp or park can drain your kids’ “interest batteries” quickly when they’ve got nothing else to do.

But what CAN you do?

Questions to Entertain Your Kids 

If you want to keep your kids entertained without them getting sucked into their gadgets, try asking them some of the following questions.

These questions will save your kids from boredom while also letting you understand them better.

We’ve grouped the questions according to setting but, with a few tweaks, you can use them for any situation on your adventure. 

While Traveling With Kids…

Questions for kids while your traveling or on a road trip

Traveling can feel like the longest boring time for your kids, especially when driving through a place with repetitive terrain (like a desert).

These questions will make time fly by faster and keep your kids from repeatedly asking “are we there yet?”

1. What’s the Fastest Animal on Earth?  

Answer: The Peregrine falcon can reach speeds of 200 mph (322 kph) while in a dive.

2. How Many Bones Are In Your Hand?

Answer: there are 14 bones in each human hand.

3. What Does Australia Have More: People or Kangaroos?

Answer: Australia has 2 kangaroos for every person. 

4. Is a Tomato a Fruit or Vegetable?

Answer: Fruit. They belong to the Nightshade family, the same family as eggplants and peppers.

5. What country has the world’s largest food fight every year where people throw tomatoes at each other? Is it Italy, Spain, or Greece?

Answer: Spain at La Tomatina Festival.

6. Would You Rather Have a Flying Carpet or Personal Robot?

Ask your children to elaborate on their answer.

7. Would You Rather Eat a Raw Potato or a Whole Lime?

Why did you answer the way you did?

8. If You Could Have One Superpower, What Would It Be?

How come?

9. Can You Tell Me About Your Top 3 Pet Peeves?

What made you say those?

10. Can You Tell Me What You’re Most Thankful for This Year?

That’s good. Why are you thankful for that?

While Outdoors With Kids…

Questions to ask while outdoors with kids

Hiking a familiar trail can get tiring when your kids have already looked in every nook and cranny.

Maybe your kids are showing signs of boredom at camp while waiting for dinner to be ready. Keep them entertained by asking the following questions.

11. Why is the Sky Blue?

Answer: White light enters and hits air molecules in our atmosphere. Air molecules in our atmosphere scatter blue light more than red and that’s why the sky looks blue. 

12. Why are Clouds in the Sky?

Answer: Water vapor evaporates into the air and makes clouds. 

Water or ice turns into water vapor that travels into the sky and forms clouds. The water vapor in clouds can come from the ocean, lakes, and rivers.

13. If You Could Be Free from Doing One Chore, Which One Would it Be?

Why don’t you enjoy doing that chore?

14. What Do You Think is Your Secret Talent?

How did you figure that out?

15. What Shapes do You See in the Clouds?

Is there a shape you see most often?

16. If You Could Make It Rain Something, What Would It Be?

What do you think would happen after it rained that?

17. Would You Rather Have Wings That Can’t Fly or Gills That Don’t Let You Breathe Underwater?

This is a tricky one, good answer. 

18. Would You Rather Be the Smartest Person in the World or the Best Athlete in the World?

Do you think that is more important or more fun?

19. What’s the Best Way to Cool Down on a Hot Day in Summer? 

Good answer… Here is what I’d do…

20. What was the most Difficult Thing You Did Today?

Why do you think that is difficult? How can we make it more enjoyable?

Questions, games, and activities for each national park

That’ll do it for this one.

Which questions do you ask your kids to keep them engaged while adventuring or traveling?

Would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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