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10 Reasons Why AdventureHacks The Online Camping Store is For You

10 Reasons Why AdventureHacks The Online Camping Store is For You

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AdventureHacks isn’t the only online camping store out there, but we certainly strive to be the best. 

We started when our founder, David Aston, took his passion for trying the unknown and desire for pushing human limits to create a place where adventurers from all walks of life could learn how to make their adventures epic, easy to locate, and unforgettable. 

Since then he’s grown AdventureHacks into the site you see today complete with adventure tips, tricks, and hacks written by like-minded seasoned outdoors people as well as a kick-ass online camping store that comes with all your adventuring needs. 

AdventureHacks: Your One-stop Online Camping Store 

If you want a more detailed look at our quest to be the best, here are our 10 reasons why AdventureHacks is THE online camping store for you.

1. Made by Adventurers for Adventurers 

man on a backpacking adventure and using gear purchased from

AdventureHacks was founded by David Aston, who’s an adventurer in his own right. He made AdventureHacks with one mission in mind:

“To inspire adventure on the ground, in the water, and through the air.”

Following this principle, he made sure to only generate content written by people who shared his same passion for the outdoors and for pushing the limits of human capability. You can be sure that our content is based on expert advice and careful research. 

2. Learn Some Useful Adventure Hacks

Adventurehacks team member showing a group some outdoor survival hacks

We strive to make AdventureHacks more than just an online camping store by giving equal focus to our adventure blog. 

It’s through our adventure blog that we publish tips, tricks, hacks, and other adventuring advice to help you find your next adventure, locate the best places, and create the most memorable experiences. 

Feel free to go and check out some of our latest guides and articles before you continue with this one. 

3. We Help You Plan Your Next Adventure

AdventureHacks helps plan your outdoor adventures

Adventures involve facing the unknown but that doesn’t mean you should go in blind. Any seasoned outdoors person will tell you that the first step is to always have a good plan. Planning for your trip beforehand lets you think ahead and prepare for any situation, problematic or otherwise, that you might encounter while out on your trip. 

You wouldn’t want to be the only person to have to go back early, or slow down the group, or even need a rescue vehicle. 

To help you avoid these situations, we make sure to provide information on what hazards you might face in a particular area, what you should bring or wear, and other precautions you need to know about. 

4. Get Detailed Information and Suggestions for Any Adventure Topic  

detailed adventure information

The information you find in our articles is provided by seasoned adventurers from every walk of life. 

Sift through our adventure blog and you’ll find articles on hiking, camping, road trips, surfing, skydiving, hunting, mountain biking, and so much more. We also make sure to include adventure ideas you can do with your family. 

Are you looking for an adventure topic we haven’t written about? More on this later.

5. We Regularly Update the Website  

adventure essentials - blog posts, camping, hiking, backpacking information is regularly updated

We’re always actively looking for more adventure articles to add to our blog. 

Yes, some articles may take time to write, but you can be sure you’ll always find something new the next time you visit. 

Of course:

We also make sure to update the gear and equipment we list in our store whenever we find something new or better. Scientific research on outdoor gear and equipment is always improving so we try our best to keep up. 

6. We’re Open to Your Adventure Ideas  

We are open to your adventure ideas and requests

As we’ve mentioned earlier:

If you ever notice that we lack articles on a certain adventure topic or location you want to see, contact us and request an article on the topic you want.


You can also submit an article that you want to be posted on our blog or adventure directory. Granted, you do have to follow certain rules as we have to maintain particular standards.

So, if you have an adventure topic you want to request or an adventure article you want to submit, feel free to contact us through our “Write for Us” link.

7. Our Newsletter Keeps You Up-to-date on the Latest Outdoors Trends 

We’re always learning new information about everything outdoors. As such, we keep our ears on the ground to make sure we don’t miss any new developments on adventure/outdoors trends. 

If you want to get information on the latest adventure/outdoor trends, feel free to join our newsletter by entering your email on the pop-up window you get when you visit the site. 


Joining our ever-growing adventure family also gets you a 10% discount on your next order from our shop. 

If you do decide to join us, you can be sure that we respect privacy so we’ll NEVER spam you or sell your data. Ever.

8. Avoid the Guesswork When Shopping for Gear and Equipment

Adventure Hacks online camping gear store

We pride ourselves on the quality of the gear and equipment we sell in our camp shop. The products you find there are all tried and tested by people who are experts in their field of adventure. 

It’s for this reason we never sell any new “miracle” supplement, promote a product launch unless we use & love the product, or sell text links ever, under any circumstance, or sell random advertising.

Quite frankly we don’t need to and don’t like the practice.

9. A Tree for Every Purchase

Planting trees in their native environment

As stewards of nature, we outdoors people have to remember that it’s a privilege to experience nature in all its awesome beauty. 

This is why with each purchase, we plant a tree in its native environment – in your name.

If you want a more active role, why not join the American Hiking Society and help protect the places you love.

10. Have We Mentioned Our Refund Policy? 

AdventureHacks Refund Policy

In our quest to maintain product standards, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

All physical products come with a FREE replacement warranty for 30 days from purchase. If your purchase does not match the description or if the item is defective, please contact us within 48 hours of receiving your order – we will make sure that all of your issues are promptly resolved.

For more information on our refund policy, check out our Refund Policy page.

That’ll do it for this one. 

Let us know your go to adventure products, and we will see about getting them added to our shop. 

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