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Waddell Creek Beach

Waddell Creek Beach

Waddell CreekLocation: Santa Cruz, CA

Features: This surf spot is best for experienced surfers, and the wave frequency is very consistent. You will have good surfing out here more than half of the year. There are very few surfers during the week, so you should have plenty of space to yourself. It can get pretty crowded on the weekends. The waves are soft and fun, and they come in walls, multi-peak, and bowl shapes.

Beach: This beach is very easy to get to. It’s right off the coastal highway. There is some great aquatic marine life here too, and you will get a glance at some dolphins if you’re lucky. Seals jumping around is also pretty fun to watch. The beach is really beautiful. The water can get a little cold, and you might get turned off by the wind. You’ll see quite a few kite surfers here on windy days, and you might also see a lot of seagulls, depending on what time of the year you come. Unlike the rocky and pebbled beaches to the south and north, Waddell has a fine-grained sand that feels just fine underfoot. The sand is almost powder soft.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Try Kitesurfing

Instead of catching waves, it’s time for you to try and catch some winds! Kite surfing might be a new hobby.

2) Stay dry

Even if you get soaked, make sure you stay dry when you get out of the water. Stay dry and warm with a microfiber towel that’s fast-drying!

3) Walk by the beach

Taking a stroll by the beach gives a peaceful and worry-free feeling! Even if you don’t want to get into the water, you could enjoy the beach by taking a walk or just sitting on the sand and stare at the ocean.

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