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Woodson Bridge State Recreation Area

Woodson Bridge State Recreation Area

Woodson Bridge State Recreation Area

Location:  25340 South Ave, Corning, California 96021, United States
Features:  Hiking, camping, nature trips

About the Woodson bridge state recreation area

About Woodson Bridge State Recreation Area

Is a woodland park located along the Sacramento River in Tehama CountyCalifornia. Featuring beautiful oak trees and easy access to the Sacramento River, Woodson Bridge State Recreation Area provides wonderful camping and recreation opportunities for RV vacationers and visitors who love to enjoy water sports and the view of nature. It is a big attraction for families that are looking for a balance of relaxation and adventure without having to venture too far. 

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1.  Superb campground

The main attraction to Woodson Bridge State Recreation Area, The campground is known for being kept in pristine condition, and it features 35 primitive RV-friendly sites, 10 tent-only sites, and a group camping area suitable for up to 40 people. Peak season at Woodson Bridge State Recreation Area runs from April until October. 

2. Variable weather conditions

Favorable weather conditions, Spring and Fall are favored seasons at Woodson Bridge, but summer camping can also be delightful here. Summer daytime temperatures generally vary from 85 to just over 100 degrees, but if you are concerned about traveling during the winter, it is best to contact the park office before you begin your adventure. 

3. Lots of adventure to choose from

There are so many activities for you to choose from at Woodson Bridge State Recreation Area, including hiking, horseback riding, picnicking, fishing, interpretive exhibits, nature and wildlife viewing, boating, birding, canoeing and kayaking, swimming, and geocaching.

Be sure to plan and pack your adventure gear accordingly. 

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