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Albany Bulb Loop

Albany Bulb Loop

Albany Bulb Loop

Albany Bulb Loop

Location: Berkeley, Alameda County, CA
Miles: 1.3 miles there and back
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1 hour
Elevation: minimal
Users: Hikers and dogs permitted.

Features: This hiking destination (just west of Golden Gate Fields) is actually a former landfill.  Local artists and homeless people have created intricate sculptures featured on this trail. Kid-friendly, bay, estuary, bird watching, art/sculptures

Albany Bulb Loop trail, a former landfill, is located in Berkeley, Alameda County. It’s a relaxing hike along the water which displays wonderful views of the Bay and loops around the bulb of 1.3 miles roundtrip. There few inclines in this trail but overall an easy hike fit for a weekend walk with family or your pets and is accessible year-round. There are several intriguing areas in this hike that showcases unique art expressions of the locals.

This is a very different scene for the normal hikes encountered in several trails that were mentioned as it showcases a more industrial mood. Graffiti on the walls, the yellow brick path, and ornate sculptures, that were said to be created by local artists and homeless people, highlights the mood and uniqueness of the trail.

On the trail, there are two routes to choose from, the one that goes around the bulb and the other that leads directly from the parking lot to the center of the Bulb.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Cooldown by the water

Maximize the experience by enjoying a little swim by the cove.

2) Enjoy the art

Those graffiti might spark a new idea if you enjoy art, also sculptures, and the yellow brick road.

3) Feel comfortable as you hike

This hike is an easy one so just relax and enjoy the refreshing and interesting vistas. So it’s also best to wear something comfortable too. Check out this comfy hiking short!

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