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11 Places To Visit This Summer For The Best Mountain Biking Experience

Best Mountain Biking Adventure

11 Places To Visit This Summer For The Best Mountain Biking Experience

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If you’re looking for a physical challenge this summer, then look no further.

Mountain biking can be one of the most physically draining yet rewarding activities.

These are the 10 best trails and mountain ranges for you to have the most incredible mountain biking experience.

1. The Hangover Trail in Sedona, Arizona 

Hangover Trail Sedona Arizona

A favorite mountain biking trail among experienced bikers in The Hangover Trail. The name is fitting; you’ll be hanging on tight to your handle bars the entire time. Although this trail can be difficult, it’ll be incredibly liberating. The paths along the trail are very thin and only one biker can fit at a time. If you think you can conquer this trail then get to ready to work hard.

It’s no easy trip, but you’ll feel amazing once you finish.

2. Wasatch Mountains in Park City, Utah 

Mountain Biking The Wasatch Mountains in Park City, Utah

The Wasatch Mountains are gigantic. They tower over the city and look like an avalanche could erupt at any point (during the winter, of course). Mountain bikers like riding along this range because it challenges them and gives them a real workout. The range stretches out for about 160 miles through the Utah and Idaho border. This is a haven for mountain bikers, so you’ll be sure to make a ton of new friends along the way.

Join all the other mountain bikers this summer at Park City for a wild ride.

3. Elk Mountains in Pitkin County, Colorado 

Elk Mountains in Pitkin County, Colorado

Unlike some other mountain ranges in the U.S., the Elk Mountains are full of greenery. Rivers surrounded by full, towering trees run through this range. You can count on the trees to shade you from the blaring sun, and if that doesn’t work you can cool off by the rivers. The range is popular among experienced bikers, so you’ll be sure to be put to the test. The range peaks at 9,000 feet; this is no easy battle.

But if you want the best biking experience, this mountain range is the way to have it.

4. Burke Mountain in East Burke, Vermont

Burke Mountain in East Burke, Vermont

Before you set out to ride Burke Mountain, take a second to look at the full scope of it. This mountain has the Passumpsic River running up and down it. You’ll be able to see it from afar, making the mountain look like it’s tie-dyed blue. But you’ll get an even better view of it when you’re on the mountain ride along the river. The mountain is nestled inside of Darling State Forest Park so it’s also surrounded by trees and wildlife.

One of the best parts about this mountain is that during the summer you’ll get a nice cool breeze. Instead of suffering through the blazing hot sun as you ride uphill, you’ll get wind in your face and a cooler temperature.

5. Cascade Mountains in Bend, Oregon 

Cascade Mountains in Bend, Oregon

The Cascade Mountains are some of the largest in the U.S. and are known around the world. This range extends from British Columbia to Washington and Oregon and ends in California. The Three Sisters mountains make Bend, Oregon a popular location to mountain bike on the Cascade Mountains. They are some of the tallest peaks along the Cascade Mountains in Oregon. You’ll definitely get a workout from biking up these mountains, and bragging rights with all your friends. This ride will be the ride of your entire summer. It’ll be the hardest, but the most rewarding of them all. You could even extend your time there and try biking along the Cascade Mountains in other states.

You won’t be sorry you tested out this ride.

6. The Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Santa Fe, New Mexico 

The Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Santa Fe, New Mexico Mountain Biking

The Sangre de Cristo Mountains will be some of the craziest you’ll ever bike. The peaks are over 13,000 feet high and there are a ton of them scattered across the range. You’ll get a crazy rush of adrenaline when you bike up these steep peaks. Many say this mountain range is one of their favorites, so make it one of yours, too! The Sangre de Cristo Mountains are named after the glorious crimson-red sunrise and sunset that is cast over the mountains peaks. To really have the most amazing experience, try a ride during one of these times! You’ll be biking one of the best ranges and under an incredible view.

How can it get better than that?

7. Book Cliffs in Fruita, Colorado

Book Cliffs in Fruita, Colorado

Riders: Candace and Lu. Location: Mary’s Loop, Kokopelli, Fruita, CO. Photo by Anne Keller

The Book Cliffs Mountain range will be different than any other range you ride on this summer. It’s composed of desert mountains and extends into Utah and Colorado. This range is over 200 miles long and begins at the Colorado River. It’s quirky name came from its exterior which resembles a bookshelf. Book Cliffs can be a difficult ride, but if you’re conquering mountains this summer you don’t wanna skip this one. Many geologists come to Book Cliffs because of the interesting rocks that make up the mountain.

So while you’re riding, maybe you can stop and get a geology lesson too.

8. Pine Valley Mountains in St. George, Utah 

Pine Valley Mountains in St. George, Utah Mountain Biking

The Pine Valley Mountains are composed of beautiful earthy clay-like tones and overlook the bustling town of St. George. The mountains formed from a volcanic eruption millions of years ago. You won’t be short of incredible views while you’re on this ride. The mountain has sharp turns and edges, so you’ll constantly be on your toes.

But it’ll be well worth it once you reach the top and can look out at the astounding view.

9. La Sal Mountains in Moab, Utah

La Sal Mountains in Moab, Utah Mountain Biking

La Sal Mountains, meaning Salt Mountains in English, were originally named after the trail between Los Angeles and Santa Fe. The mountains run through the Manti-La Sal National Forest, so you’ll be able to see incredible trees and wildlife during your ride. The range is composed of beautiful igneous rocks that look purple and pink when the sunset falls over the range. This ride will be one of the more beautiful ones you’ll experience.

The incredible landscape and makeup of the mountain will leave you in awe during your whole ride.

10. Shenandoah Mountains in Harrisonburg, Virginia 

Shenandoah Mountains in Harrisonburg, Virginia Mountain Biking

The Shenandoah Mountains are a favorite for Virginian local bikers. The range extends for 73 miles into West Virginia. Your ride will mostly be concealed by enormous trees towering over you, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see incredible views. During the morning and in the evening you can catch stunning sunsets and sunrises.

Harrisonburg, Virginia is the perfect place to visit if you wanna see some of these amazing views during your ride. Once you reach the top of the mountain or a lookout point, you’ll be able to see a clear sunrise or sunset over the little town.

This ride will be more relaxed for you, but that won’t make it any less worthwhile.

11. Tahoe Meadows To Spooner Summit, Tahoe Rim Trail

Mountain Biking Tahoe Meadows To Tahoe Rim Trail

The Tahoe Meadows Trail to Spooner Summit provides an amazing view of the north-south oriented ridge – Lake Tahoe to the west and the Great Basin to the east. The area is surrounded by granite soils with an abundance of wildflowers.

You can also see the stunning waters of Marlette Lake en route to Spooner Summit. The trail starts from the Mount Rose Summit and passes through the Mount Rose Campground and into Tahoe Meadows.11 Places To Visit For The Best Mountain Biking Experience

The high point of the trail is at the bare rock of Snow Valley Peak. This area is amazing as the aspen groves of North Canyon turn into a vibrant gold sheen. The trail slowly descends into Spooner Summit.

Mountain biking can be a very liberating physical activity. Still, you want to make sure you are in the perfect location to have a great experience. These 11 places throughout the U.S. are the best locations to have an amazing mountain biking experience this summer.

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