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Cedar Creek Trail

Cedar Creek Trail

Cedar Creek Trail – South Warner Wilderness

Location: South Warner Wilderness,
Length: 6.4 miles
Difficulty: moderate
Features: hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, nature trips, bird watching, forest, wild flowers, wildlife, skiing

About the Cedar Creek Trail

This out and back trail sits near Cedarville, California, specifically in north of Cedar Creek District.  You can take it by walk or on a horse. There are lots of beautiful and wild vegetation to notice along the way, traversing about 36 miles, like the oak-hickory forest and tall grass prairies. It’s mainly divided into 4 sections.

One section is the Southern Loop. It spans 23 miles across pastoral countryside with cross-country sections and trail along gravel roads. Next is the 5-mile traverse path in Smith Creek Loop. It goes thru Boydsville and Rutherford Bridge with creek views. The 3rd section is Pine Ridge with has a recreation area for hiking and biking. The 7-mile restored Moon Loop completes the list. At the end of the upper trailhead is the Cedar Pass Ski Park. A day hike from the lower trailhead and 3 miles up to the ski area will get you a great exercise. On the other hand, the way from the upper trailhead going to the lower trailhead is more relaxing with a chance of a picnic midway. 

Trails In The Modoc National Forest

This area is great for long hikes, quick stroll and even backpacking.  There are a number of designated trails scattered within the Modoc National Forest including Cedar Creek Trail, Summit Trail, Warner Summit Loop, Squaw Peak Trail, Red Tail Rim Trail, Clear Lake Trail, Little Mt Hoffman Trail. The South Warner Wilderness is inside the Modoc National Forest and has been considered as the Switzerland of northeastern California because of its snow capped mountain peaks, volcanic rocks, creeks, lakes, and variety of wildlife. It boasts of 7 high mountain peaks, 10 lakes and a total of 77 miles of trail available for hiking and horseback riding.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1)  Steady climb

Starting from the lower trailhead up to the upper trailhead, it’s a steady climb when you bike or walk. But it’s still very manageable. Elevation can reach into 790 feet.

2) Variety of species

Another way to enjoy your hike is to observe the plants and animals along the way. You can take pictures of them, but better to take from afar so they won’t get disturbed.

3) Give way to horses

The Cedar Creek Trail is also trailed by horses. It’s a rule to give way the horses as they pass the trail.

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