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Four Mile

Four Mile

Four Mile California

Location: Santa Cruz County, CA

Features: Just like the name says, it is located four miles to the north of Santa Cruz, outside of the city limits. There is a big dirt parking area that is often stacked with cars. That’s what lets you know you’ve arrived. You should take a car to get here, obviously. It can be a long walk, like in excess of 30 minutes. It’s a great surf spot for experienced surfers. It’s a little out of the way, and it’s more for experts, so it’s an especially nice place for veteran surfers that don’t like the big crowds. There are very few surfers during the week, but it can be kind of crowded on the weekend.

Beach: Four Mile is one of the more consistent surf spots to the north of Santa Cruz. It is safeguarded from the wind, and it gets big crowds on windy days. Most of the people surfing here have been doing it for at least a couple of decades. Outsiders can feel a little unwelcome, but they can still catch a few waves. There is a special area called “the oven” where people congregate. It is an area protected by big cliffs.

Top 3 Adventure Hacks

1) Bask in the afternoon sun

Lay in the white sand and get all the Vitamin D you need. Fun fact: Our bodies create vitamin D from direct sunlight when we’re outdoors.

2) Have a picnic by the beach

Bring snacks and your own drinking water if you plan to head to the beach when you’re at Wilder Ranch Park! Store your food in collapsible stainless silicone stock pots!

3) Surf!

Bring your own surfboard and ride those waves for your afternoon activity.

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