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10 Reasons Hutch Tents are the Best Rooftop Tents For Your Next Adventure

Hutch Tent setup on a Tacoma in a campsite during a summer backpacking and hunting trip

10 Reasons Hutch Tents are the Best Rooftop Tents For Your Next Adventure

I’m certain you’ve seen those roof top tents on top of SUVs or back of pickup trucks.


Seems like every other Toyota 4Runner, Tacoma or Tundra has one. But they’re certainly not limited to Toyota. 


There are several quality options out there, and several not so good. 


Price varies substantially and if you want something that’s going to last let alone take a beating, you’re going to pay more for it.


If you’re an avid camper, hunter or spend plentiful time outdoors, and you’re looking for the perfect tent for your adventure, Hutch Tents might change the game for you.

What is a rooftop tent?

Hutch Tent Rooftop Tent on Top of a 2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road

Hutch Tent Rooftop Tent on Top of a 2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road

Rooftop Tents are exactly what they sound like – tents mounted on the roof of your vehicle. 


Back in the day, tents needed to be deployed on flat, even ground. Simple enough. But this came with its own disadvantages. 


Being on the ground meant we were constantly in the way of bugs and wild animals, or water and debris during stormy weather while adventuring.


Lumpy ground also meant an uncomfortable night’s sleep even with sleeping pads. And we needed to carry bulky camping gear if we wanted insulation against the cold hard ground.


Thankfully, rooftop tents make the aforementioned problems obsolete – which is a huge reason for their incredible popularity right now.


There are many brands offering their own line of rooftop tents on the market today. One of the best and newer brands you can find is HutchTents


Founded by Josh “Hutch” Hutchison, in Utah, Hutch Tents offers a wide variety of versatile, durable, and lightweight rooftop tents letting you create awesome camping memories in complete comfort and safety. 


The best part is that Hutch Tents is an American Company and a good portion of their products are manufactured right here in the USA.


I know Josh, the owner, and he tells me they’re working on making the tents 100% Made in USA and aren’t far from that. 


Explore Nature Safely, Securely, and Comfortably with Hutch Tents

Why do we love Hutch Tents so much?


Read our list of reasons below to find out why we think this brand is the bee’s knees. 


1. Solid Construction 



The first thing you’ll notice about Hutch Tents is how sturdy they’re built.


From the robust yet lightweight aluminum frame to the solid shell stitching, and high-density foam mattress, rest assured your Hutch Tent is built for heavy-duty performance. 


In regards to the tent weight capacity, Hutch Tents can comfortably support an average of 250 lbs per occupant.


Total weight capacity increases the higher the capacity of the tent model which can range from 600 lbs, in the case of the two-person Prospector 2, to 800 lbs for their largest four-person tent model, the Ontario 4.


The Hutch tent ladder also has a weight capacity of 320 lbs.


2. Designed to be Lightweight 

Daly 2 open on a Subaru

Daly 2 open on a Subaru


Roof top tents are great because they let you carry your “camping spot” almost anywhere. Just park your vehicle, set up your tent, and you’re good to go. 


That said, some rooftop tents can weigh well over 220lbs.


Heavy rooftop tents are more difficult to mount on your vehicle, reduce gas mileage, and potentially change the vehicles center of gravity.


Heavier tents also tend to be a bit more difficult to set up once they’re mounted. You won’t have this problem with Hutch Tents.


Hutch Tents are designed for avid adventurers which means they are lightweight yet sturdy.


In fact, the company offers one of the lightest rooftop tents on the market in the form of their 95-lb Daly 2 Rooftop Tent.


Depending on your roof rack’s carrying capacity, you can get a Hutch Tent weighing between 95-220 lbs. 


Use our Hutch Tents affiliate link for10% off your own Hutch Tent today.


3. Made from Durable Materials 

Apex 3 green on a Tundra in Washington

Apex 3 green on a Tundra in Washington


If you’re regularly spending time in nature, you’ll want your equipment to be lightweight and tough enough to endure regular or prolonged use. 


Getting a durable rooftop tent not only ensures full enjoyment of your camping experience, but you’ll also save a fortune by not buying a new one every camping season.


Reusing instead of buying new also reduces your carbon footprint, so it’s a win-win for you and nature.


As an outdoorsman himself, Josh “Hutch” Hutchison, the founder, knew his tents needed to be made with the highest-quality and durable materials available.


As a result, Hutch Tents not only secure your safety but also allow for prolonged use in all seasons. 


To help your rooftop tent last longer, check out Hutch Tent’s article on Roof Top Tent Cleaning and Care.


4. Built to be Comfortable 

Inside of 2 Person Prospector 2 Hutch Tent

Inside of 2 Person Prospector 2 Hutch Tent

Camping’s a lot of fun. The sun on your skin, the wind in your hair, plus the sights and sounds of nature delighting your senses make every weekend getaway worthwhile. 


What isn’t fun are sleepless nights out in the wind and rain inside a leaky tent on a cold and lumpy mattress with the sound of bugs buzzing in your ear.


Just imagining this uncomfortable scenario can dampen anyone’s motivation for the outdoors. Thankfully, Hutch Tents has got your comfort covered.


Hutch’s rooftop tents come with a 2.5-inch high-density foam mattress with a wash cover as standard so you enjoy a good night’s sleep in the same comfort as your own bed at home.


My wife and I were blown away by how comfortable it is. 


5. Water, Weather, and Mold Resistant 

Interior of Various Hutch Tents Rooftop Tents aka RTT

Interior of Various Hutch Tents Rooftop Tents

Do you know what’s more comfortable than a thick and soft tent mattress? One that stays dry no matter the weather. 


Fortunately, Hutch Tents thought of that too.


Hutch rooftop tents are made of high-quality rip-stop 420 D polyester canvas to protect you from strong winds and heavy rain.


This same material is also resistant to mildew as well as harmful UV rays so you can enjoy your RTT in whatever weather for years to come.


But wait, there’s more…


Hutch Tents soft shell models – like Prospector 2, Apex 3, and Ontario 4 – also come with an anti-condensation mat included under the mattress.


This not only adds to your sleep comfort but helps avoid mold and mildew as well.


6. Easy to Set Up 


No matter how much outdoor experience you’ve got under your belt, having a tent that’s easy to set up is a must for any camping trip.


Why waste precious outdoor time slumped over your tent, trying to set it up, when you can be actually enjoying your time in nature?


This ease of setup is especially crucial for beginner on their first camping trip since first impressions usually last. Hutch Tents are designed to be easily set up, even by beginners.


With their simple design, lighter weight, and compatibility with conventional roof racks, you can set up your rooftop tent in minutes. 


Use our Hutch Tents affiliate link for 10% off your own Hutch Tent today.


7. Exceedingly Versatile 


Pic of the Diesel Bros Ontario 4 in action

Pic of the Diesel Bros Ontario 4 in action

If you camp often, you want a rooftop tent that performs no matter when or where you take it. 


I don’t know about you, but it seems I am replacing tents every year or so depending on how often we’re adventuring. Having a durable and versatile rooftop tent saves you money since you’re not replacing it often.


You also avoid the hassle of having to go through the removal and installation process each time you go camping. Don’t get me wrong, I still use a conventional tent on backpacking trips, but use a rooftop tent whenever possible. Especially now that I have a family, it’s incredibly convenient.


And if you’re into this sort of thing, buying just one tent every decade or so, means you’re reducing your carbon footprint – which is cool. 


All Hutch Tents soft shell rooftop tents are versatile 3-season tents, except for the Ontario 4 which is a 4-season tent.


This versatility lets you enjoy the comfort and safety of your Hutch Tents year round whether you’re camping in 90-degree weather or freezing temperatures.  


8. Minimal Footprint  

Bonanza 2 open in Utah

Bonanza 2 open in Utah


While the size of a rooftop tent’s footprint isn’t usually a major factor, having a smaller footprint is almost always a plus in our books. 


A smaller footprint equates to a smaller profile which means less aerodynamic drag and, therefore, better fuel economy while traveling with the tent installed on your vehicle’s rooftop.


Additionally, a smaller footprint lets you store more camping equipment on your roof, thereby, maximizing your rooftop storage. 


Hutch Tents are designed to be practical, using only as much rooftop space as needed.


Feel free to keep your Hutch rooftop Tent installed year round without fear of wasting fuel (gotta keep your foot out of it) or running out of rooftop storage space. 


9. Affordable Pricing  

Affordable rooftop Hutch Tent on top a side by side during a hunt

Hutch Tents are even great for side by sides. Where my hunters at?

One thing you often hear about rooftop tents is how ridiculously expensive they can be.


While you usually get what you pay for and there are solid options out there, sometimes the price tags on these things seem downright ridiculous.


The thing is, as with most other products, rooftop tents have to go through several middlemen before they get to a camping retailer near you.


Each middleman tacks on their own percentage of margin to the price which, in the end, means you’re paying more. 


Hutch Tents seek to cut out the middleman completely.


They ship to you directly from their manufacturer which saves you a lot of time and money in the process. 


Use our Hutch Tents affiliate link for 10% off your own Hutch Tent today.


And yes, I will get a commission if you purchase through my link. My family and I greatly appreciate your support. 


10. Top-Notch Customer Support 

Hutch Tents has great customer support - screenshot of contact page


The final reason why Hutch Tents are the best rooftop tents you can get is because of the brand’s world-class customer support team. 


Hutch Tents’ customer support team knows their stuff, are always willing to answer your product-related questions, and are ready to help find the best Hutch Tent rooftop tent for you. 


Already have a Hutch Tent, or if you have any questions, comments or concerns? Drop us a line in the comments section below.


Get an exclusive 10% discount on your Hutch Tent by purchasing through our custom affiliate link. Discount will be applied during checkout. 


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